Ventura County Property Management Services

Ventura County Property Management Service

Billing and Payments

Property management requires constant vigilance in maintaining billing and collecting rent payments. Our automated systems allow us to conduct all billing and payment operations flawlessly while eliminating burden of bookkeeping for our clients. We timely collect all the rent payments and deposit into property owners account. All maintenance bills, mortgage payments, fees and other expenses are paid timely and detailed reports are submitted to our clients. We place an extra effort to make sure that all rent is collected on time. In case of any delays or defaults we use proper collection methods and remedy the situation without owner’s involvement. Simply put, all your bookkeeping and payment tasks are on autopilot which is a tremendous time saver.

Property Maintenance

We are experts in property maintenance. Various types of rental properties require different property maintenance approaches. Whatever the case may be, we always place owner’s goals as highest priority ensuring that all maintenance expenses are within the budget and all work is highest quality.

Property maintenance involves inspections, upkeep, repairs, pest control, everything that ensures tenant satisfaction and high occupancy rates. We take care of selecting qualified contractors, maintenance personnel, scheduled inspections and upkeep both dwellings and surrounding areas and we keep a track of all paperwork and expenses and submit them as a part of our monthly reports.

There are many advantages of letting a professional experienced company to handle your rental property management. We know well Ventura County area and we can suggest what needs to be done to increase return on your investment. We completely eliminate all hassle associated with paperwork, upkeep, scheduling, repair, supervision and documentation associated with property management work. This is a huge time saver. Our goal is to ensure that all properties managed by us have highest occupancy rates and we work together with you to create opportunities to attract and keep good tenants.

We supply with all the proven policies and documentation such as lease agreements, contractor agreements, report templates, forms, invoices, etc. and we file and submit everything to a property owner in a timely manner.

Tenant Management

Successful tenant management is critical to success of the real estate investor. If you are making money of rental property you want to make sure that your occupants are happy, they pay rent on time, they comply with policies and keep your property tidy and they are not looking to move elsewhere. Every time you change tenants it cost you money.

We help to find good tenants. We place and extra emphasis on screening of the applicants. We ensure that lease agreements are clear and that you as owner will not have to chase your rent payments. We handle everything professionally and our methods ensure mutual satisfaction of both property owners and tenants.

Financial Reports

All financial activities associated with rent payment, expenditures, mortgage payment, maintenance, inspections, etc. are documented and presented in comprehensive reports which are submitted to you on monthly basis. We also provide with annual financial reports and financial performance reports.

These reports help identifying what we call profit maximizing opportunities. Having clear and detailed documentation allows tracking effectiveness of marketing efforts, property value, revenues, profit margins and other important data which helps development of new strategies to increase property’s profitability.

Compliance and Building Reputation

We ensure that your property is compliant with building codes and tenant management practices and avoid pitfalls that some of the real estate investors may experience. By handling legal aspects of income property business timely you are safeguarding yourself from costly penalties and potential litigation.

Building reputation refers to the tenant satisfaction with the living environment you provide. This includes the condition of all your building structures, amenities provided for tenants, plumbing, appliances, living space, rental property area, quality of tenants’ service and upkeep. We specialize in achieving highest standards of building reputation while keeping your budget intact thus making your property both profitable and competitive in a local rental market.

Advice on Income Property Investments

We know that the ultimate goal of owning a rental property is income. Using our experience in this area we advise property owners and investors in real estate on the best practices of making your enterprises profitable in the current market and in the future. Current rental market in Ventura County is very diverse and going through continuous changes triggered by the housing market. An expert advice could be very instrumental ensuring high long-term profit flow.

A detailed analysis of your rental business can reveal many areas of improvement which both result in reduced budget and increased profitability. These may include review of your tenant’s policies, rental pricing, property improvements, marketing and advertising, budgeting, maintenance streamlining, competition analysis, etc.

Identifying opportunities leads to creating strategies aimed to improving the bottom line on your real estate investment. Working together we ensure success and stability of your enterprise.